Case Study: Offender Notification Meetings

Offender Notification Meetings: A Project Safe Neighborhoods Strategic Intervention Case Study


Project Safe Neighborhood (February 2006)


Jack McDevitt, Scott H. Decker, Natalie Kroovand Hipple, and Edmund F. McGarrell

In 2001, the Department of Justice implemented the Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) initiative which represents a nationwide commitment to reduce gun and gang crime in America. Since its inception, PSN has supported several research efforts, innovative strategies, and partnerships across the country. This report provides case study examples of how PSN communities engaged offenders in crime reductions strategies. This case study offers best practices that can inform similar efforts within the Smart Policing Community. The concept of offender notification meetings enhances the PSN program by focusing resources through targeted enforcement. This strategy’s purpose is twofold: first, it attempts to send a specific or focused deterrence message to a group of high-risk individuals that gun violence will not be tolerated. Second, it attempts to communicate that, as a community, local area programs are willing to provide services to help these individuals succeed in creating a better and more productive life. As part of this message, potential offenders are told that any future gun violence will result in the full force of federal and local law enforcement authorities being focused on the groups involved.

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