Homicide in Rochester, NY 2012

Homicide in Rochester, NY 2012: Comparison of Rates for a Selection of United States' and International Cities


Center for Public Safety Initiatives


Karyn Bower, John Klofas, and Janelle Duda

Recent events have brought discussion of homicides to the forefront of national news, and as a result, many Americans have taken an interest in local, national, and international homicide data. Since the early 1990s the overall homicide rate in the United States has steadily declined. In 2011, the national homicide rate was 4.7 per 100,000 people (Federal Bureau of Investigations, 2012). This rate may appear to be rather low, but it means little without a comparison. How representative is this rate of homicide rates in our nation's major cities? How do these compare to the homicide rates in metropolitan areas across the world? And how do these compare to homicide rates locally in both New York and Rochester?

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