Introducing the CP-SAT

Introducing the CP-SAT


COPS Office e-newsletter "Dispatch" Volume 4 Issue 12 December 2011


COPS Office

Police agencies are often faced with the task of documenting their “successes” in community policing-related activities or other organizational change efforts for government executives, funders, or community stakeholders. Standard organizational performance measures such as crime and response rates are essential elements for strategy development and evaluation. However, they need to be complemented with an appreciation for changes in departmental strategy in such areas as general engagement with the community, priority placed on community policing strategy at all levels, and perceptions of organizational transparency. To address these issues, the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (the COPS Office) contracted ICF International and the Police Executive Research Forum to develop a practical tool for agencies to measure the extent to which they have implemented community policing principles within their organizations. Community policing experts and practitioners were brought together to build and test the Community Policing Self-Assessment Tool (CP-SAT).

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