Measuring and Assessing Partnerships and Collaboration

Measuring and Assessing Partnerships and Collaboration: Taking Things More Seriously


Smart Policing Initiative


James R. Coldren, Jr. and Hildy Saizow

We often incorporate collaboration and partnership efforts in the Smart Policing Initiative (SPI). We include these aspects of crime prevention and crime control as core SPI components, and we often direct these efforts internally within our departments (“in-reach” as well as external outreach to justice system, government, and community stakeholders). We rarely, however, treat collaboration and partnership as a variable to measure and analyze. Consider, for example, other measures typically made in SPI performance measurement and evaluation projects that pertain to variables we believe influence the outcomes we are looking for – officer performance and attitudes, offender participation in program components, offender perception of enforcement and deterrence efforts, community needs and perceptions, to mention a few. We measure these phenomena because we feel they help us understand the implementation and outcomes of our initiatives.

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