Predictive Policing: Geographic Analysis

Geography and Public Safety Bulletin, Volume 2, Issue 4: Predictive Policing


National Institute of Justice and the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (2011)


Applied Geography for the Study of Crime & Public Safety

his issue highlights a developing field of study in policing and analysis, Predictive Policing. This issue will discuss the inaugural Predictive Policing Symposium, which brought together researchers and practitioners to discuss the concepts involved in predictive policing. Included, is a discussion of NIJ's Geospatial Technical Working Group and experimenting with hot spots analysis using prediction in Minneapolis.

Articles include:

  • Police Legitimacy and Predictive Policing
  • The Predictive Policing Symposium: A Strategic Discussion
  • Proactive Policing: Using Geographic Analysis to Fight Crime
  • Predicting Demand for Service for Future Developments
  • Experimenting with Future-Oriented Analysis at Crime Hot Spots in Minneapolis
  • Geospatial Technology Working Group (TWG): Meeting Report on Predictive Policing

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