Reducing Violent Crime in American Cities

Reducing Violent Crime in American Cities: An Opportunity to Lead – Full Report


Police Foundation & Major Cities Chiefs Association

On the national level, crime remains historically low. However, this national aggregate paints a deceiving picture of crime in many major cities. Individual cities experienced grim spikes in violent crime from 2014 to 2015 and through 2016 as well. Chapter 1 of this report provides a contextual overview and supporting data on the spike in localized violent crime in major cities, a review of the major drivers of crime, and an assertion that federal support is critical. Chapter 2 reviews broad federal law enforcement priorities, roles, resources, and accountability in the context of the nation’s fight against violent crime. Chapter 3 provides a detailed examination of the tools that federal law enforcement agencies provide to support those on the state and local levels to address violent crime. The data presented provides an overview of federal initiatives, tools, and roles that have shown evidence of sustainable success in reducing violent crime. Chapter 4 reviews the importance of U.S. Attorneys in fighting violent crime. Chapter 5 provides a detailed review of the impact of firearms availability on violent crime in the U.S. 

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