Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Police Department data meeting

Site Final Report: RAND_RR3242_3.pdf

Chicago Police Badge

Site LE Agency
Chicago Police Department

Site Researcher
John Hollywood, Ph.D. and Dulani Woods, RAND Corporation

Site Focus
Violent Crime, Gun Violence

SPI Strategy
Data-Driven Predictive Analytics

Site Cohort

Project Overview

The Chicago Strategies for Policing Innovation (SPI) site addresses violent crime through implementation and evaluation of the police department’s Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSC) and a person-based risk model for violent crime victimization. Chicago’s SDSCs bring together police officers and analysts from the University of Chicago Crime Lab to integrate crime intelligence, data analysis, and technology in daily, real-time approaches to violent crime reduction and prevention. SDSC’s are equipped with a suite of information technology resources, including gunshot detection monitoring systems, access to a network of surveillance cameras, and predictive policing software that identifies the blocks within each district where gun violence is most likely to occur.

The Chicago SPI is expanding SDSCs into six districts in the city, and evaluating the impact of this expansion on violent crime in the target districts and citywide. In addition, the SPI is examining the effectiveness of the Crime and Victimization Risk Model designed to identify individuals at-risk of being a victim or perpetrator of a shooting and a custom notification system designed to direct these individual to support services. Early results from this initiative indicated a 26 percent reduction in homicides and a 33 percent reduction in gun crimes in the first two police districts that have implemented the SDSCs. This initiative has also been a key contributor to the city’s 13 consecutive months of declining gun violence since 2017.

Data Highlight

  • The Chicago Police Department and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) developed the Strategic Subject List (SSL) in 2013. CPD additionally created the "SSL Dashboard” to be a one-stop shop for all police-related information pertaining to a particular subject.