Evans County, Georgia

Increasing Interagency Coordination through Information Sharing Technology

Evans County Sheriff Patch

Site LE Agency
Evans County Sheriff’s Office

Site Researcher
Adam Bossler, Ph.D., Catherine Marcum, Ph.D., Michele Covington, Ph.D., Georgia Southern University

Site Focus
Intelligence Gathering

SPI Strategy
Technology implementation

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Small rural area of 182.85 sq. miles with a population of 11,001

Project Overview

The Evans County SPI is a rural law enforcement agency in southeast Georgia. Like many other rural agencies, the Evans County Sheriff's Office's (ECSO) primary means of information sharing from one shift to the next was informal conversations either in person or via telephone between officers or deputies. To improve information sharing through technology, the Evans County SPI focused on several activities including improving cross agency communication, assessing the effectiveness of implemented technology, and developing a model for local/rural law enforcement agencies nationwide. The result was significantly enhanced communication and collaboration among the policing jurisdictions.

Data Highlight

  • 25 percent of the Evans County Sheriff’s Office deputies thought that communication between their agency and others was adequate.
  • 83.3 percent of Claxton officers (an Evans County municipality) agreed that they could do a better job if they were provided more information from their agency or others.
  • Three police jurisdictions frequently contacted the Intelligence Analyst to share and coordinate intelligence information.