Frisco, Texas

Offender- and Place-Based Policing in a Crime Hot Spot

Frisco Police Patch

Site LE Agency
Frisco Police Department

Site Researcher
John L. Worrall, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Dallas, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Site Focus
Property Crime

SPI Strategy
Offender-based policing, Place-based policing

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Mid-sized urban area of 61.80 sq. miles with a population of 119,451

Project Overview

The City of Frisco’s most serious crime problems were domestic violence and property crime, especially in apartment communities. The Frisco SPI assigned one Frisco police officer to the Stonebrook Village Apartments complex, which consisted of several two-story buildings containing 260 units and housing approximately 1,500 people. The officer spent his shifts primarily on or near the property. When he was off duty, the complex received routine police patrols and responses to calls for service. All but one significant change in the treatment area was expected, and several significant reductions in various call types were observed in nearby areas, suggesting a diffusion of benefits.

Data Highlight

  • Fifty-two percent of the calls during the intervention period (December 2011–September 2014) were taken by the single assigned officer.
  • Prior to the intervention, residents reported several quality of life issues (e.g. unfamiliar cars, public drinking, etc.)
  • Six months into the intervention, residents reported fewer problems during focus groups.