Houston, Texas

Houston social network analysis diagram

Houston Badge

Site LE Agency
Houston Police Department

Site Focus
Human Trafficking and Violent Crime

SPI Strategy
Technological Innovation

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Urban area of 637.4 sq. miles with a population of 2,312,717

Project Overview

With a sudden rise in crime, the Westside Division of the Houston Police Department needs to utilize new technology to allow them to do more with less. Social Network Analysis (SNA), the proposed software, has been previously used to help police solve crimes ranging from murder to money laundering. The Houston Police Department (HPD) plans to implement and evaluate an innovative multi-technological program entitled “Human Trafficking and Violent Crime Social Network Analysis Project”. They will combine SNA with covert surveillance cameras, vehicle tracking devices, AFIS devices and License Plate Recognition cameras to target human trafficking & prostitution rings, violent gangs, and other violent criminal organizations.

Data Highlight

  • Houston’s violent crime rate is almost three times the rate of Texas’.
  • In the Westside area of Alief, there has been 280% increase in Sexual Assaults, a 150% increase in Murder, and a 15.2% increase in Robberies.