Lowell, Massachusetts

Lowell Patch

Site LE Agency
Lowell Police Department

Site Researcher
Brenda Bond, Ph.D., Suffolk University

Site Focus
Drug-related Crime

SPI Strategy
Problem-oriented policing, Place-based policing, Offender-based policing

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Mid-sized urban area of 13.58 sq. miles with a population of 103,065

Project Overview

The goal of the Lowell SPI was to address drug-related property crime through problem-oriented policing and the SARA model: Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment. In order to avoid some of the traditional problems with SARA implementation, the Lowell SPI team employed a more-sophisticated problem-solving process that assessed the congruence or “fit” among the targeted crime problems and the different elements of the SPI strategy.

Data Highlight

  • Of 38 offenders targeted in 2012, 61% recidivated, with most new crimes involving some form of property crime.
  • Lowell SPI was able to achieve reductions in property crime in almost all SPI hot spots.
  • SPI techniques sparked positive organizational change, especially improving relationships between patrol officers and the Crime Analysis and Intelligence Unit.