Miami, Florida

Miami Real-Time Crime Center

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Site LE Agency
Miami Police Department

Site Researcher
Dr. Rob T. Guerette & Kimberly Przeszlowski, Florida International University

Site Focus
Gun Crime, Violent Crime

SPI Strategy
Technological Implementation, Data Analysis

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Dense urban area of 36 sq. miles with a population of 470,914

Project Overview

Like most major U.S. cities, problems with violent crimes persist in the City of Miami. One fundamental challenge relates to achieving acceptable case clearance rates. In a commitment to developing progressive ways of utilizing technology and information to improve police activities, the MPD has collaborated with criminologists to improve and develop the analytical capacity of the department’s Crime Analysis & Intelligence Unit. Extending from this, they plan to development and launch of the Miami Real Time Crime Center Violence Response Initiative (MRTCC) to strategically target violence in high crime areas. The MRTCC will be evaluated for efficacy by researchers from Florida International University to determine its impact on the improved dissemination of information to officers, incidents of officer injury, use of force by officers, as well as rates of case clearance.

Data Highlight

  • Miami is ranked 29th among the top violent cities in the United States.
  • In 2017, Miami cleared aggravated assaults at a rate of 46% vs. 53% nationwide.
  • On average, 3 out of 4 homicides in Miami are the result of gunfire.