Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix police officer speaking to driver

Phoenix Police Department Badge

Site LE Agency
Phoenix Police Department

Site Researcher
Charles Katz, Ph.D., Arizona State University’s Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety

Site Focus
Gun Crime

SPI Strategy
Technological Innovation

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Large urban area of 516.7 sq. miles with a population of 1,400,000

Project Overview

The violent crime rate in the city of Phoenix is nearly double the national average and firearm-related aggravated assaults are on the rise. Previous research has shown that there are relatively small areas, or hotspots, which are responsible for much of the gun crime in Phoenix. The Phoenix Police Department plans to implement a gunshot detection system, license plate readers, high-definition cameras, Wi-Fi Exploitation Kits, and a high-powered receiver antennae to strategically target high crime areas. This multi-technological, combined approach will bolster the Phoenix Crime Gun Intelligence Center. The agency also plans to create the Crime Gun Liaison Program (CGLP), where patrol officers are selected and trained in both investigative and laboratory collection practices to alleviate the burden on their forensic lab.

Data Highlight

  • In 2018, Phoenix’s violent crime rate was almost double the national average.
  • From 2016 through 2018, the PPD reported a 27% increase in weapons related incidents and a 9% increase in firearm related aggravated assaults.
  • 1,042 incidents involved a gun that had been linked to a prior gun crime, and 122 incidents involved a gun that had been linked to three or more prior gun crimes.
  • 100-gun hotpots, which make up 6.8% of the area, were responsible for 85% of gun crimes in the city.