San Diego, California

Reducing Gang Violence by Targeting Offenders

San Diego Police Badge

Site LE Agency
San Diego Police Department

Site Researcher
Cynthia Burke, Ph.D., Sandy Keaton, M.A., and Debbie Correia, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

Site Focus

SPI Strategy
Place-based policing, Offender-based policing, Intelligence-led policing

Site Cohort

Site Profile
Large urban area of 325.19 sq. miles with a population of 1,313,433

Project Overview

The goal of the San Diego SPI was to develop a multifaceted project to combat the growing street gang issue in Mid-City San Diego. The East San Diego (ESD) gang, in particular, was identified as one of the more well-established gangs in the city. The project focused on targeted intelligence to inform violence suppression, correctional oversight to hold accountable ESD members on probation and/or parole, and community action in providing intervention services to high-risk youth. Efforts were driven by Intelligence-Led Policing and interagency and community collaboration.

Data Highlight

  • San Diego SPI conducted 49 data-driven operations resulting in:
    • 411 field interviews; and
    • 75 arrests (22 ESD leaders were removed).
  • Intensive wraparound interventions were provided to 13 East San Diago (ESD) youth involved in gangs.
  • 32 San Diego Police Department officers were provided Human Intelligence trainings.