Crime Analysis in the Smart Policing Initiative

The Smart Policing Initiative presented a webinar on “Crime Analysis in the Smart Policing Initiative (SPI).” Julie Wartell, the crime analyst for the San Diego (CA) SPI and a SPI Subject Matter Expert, facilitated this online seminar. During this presentation, Ms. Wartell led a discussion and learning session covering the importance of and opportunities for the utilization of crime analysis in SPI, how to make the most of crime analysis resources, examples of crime analysis in SPI, how crime analysts can support smart policing practices, and useful articles and information sources on crime analysis.

You can download the slides from this presentation here.

You may wish to read one or more of the following resources in advance of viewing our webinar:

  • An online guide called Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers in 60 Small Steps. We recommend you read the "Welcome" through "Step 4 - Become an POP expert." This guide can be found online here.
  • A segment of a book called Exploring Crime Analysis: Readings on Essential Skills. Please read pages 7-19.